What Benefits Will the Right Pallet in Fort Worth Provide?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Moving Services

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Many shipments require the use of pallets. It’s possible to stack a number of crates on a single pallet, secure them in place with shrink-wrap, and know that the goods are protected from the typical rigors of transport. Choosing the right type of pallet in Fort Worth does require some attention to detail. Here are some of the aspects that need to be considered carefully.

Weight-Bearing Qualities

How much weight can the pallet in Fort Worth support without beginning to crack or falter? A pallet that can support the weight of a thousand boxes of soft toys will not necessarily work all that well in terms of supporting a piece of heavy machinery. Always find out how much weight the pallet will support first and the odds of having a problem during the transport are kept to a minimum.

Pallet Materials

While wood remains one of the more common options for pallets, don’t overlook the possibility of investing in metal or heavy-duty plastic designs. They may be ideal for the task at hand. Keep in mind that the plastic pallets offer a great deal of strength while also adding less weight to the total shipment. Depending on the type of goods that will be transported, plastic pallets may be the ideal choice.

Pallet Size

Pallets come in many different sizes. A standard size is fine for many applications but completely unsuitable for others. A large piece of factory machinery would likely require a custom pallet that is made to precise specifications. At the same time, standard pallets may work fine for transporting boxes of finished goods to a buyer. The right size does more than provide the proper amount of stability. It will also save the customer money in the long run.

The best way to determine what type of solution will work is to seek help from a local crating & packing service. A representative can take a look at what needs to be shipped, come up with the ideal solution for the pallet design, and even help with suggestions about the crating. Best of all, the service can take care of preparing the goods for shipment, allowing the customer more time to focus on other tasks.