Benefits of an Indoor Storage Unit in CT

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Moving Services

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The need for more storage space continues to increase as people downsize their homes. Most communities now offer some type of storage facility, and many locations have multiple options. The customers must decide what facility is best for them. The decision should never be based just on price or even location. A better determination of quality is when the facility offers indoor storage units. The extra effort in the design of the facility gives the customers a variety of benefits.

Safe From Weather

When deciding on a storage unit in CT, residents must consider the weather. Cold temperatures and precipitation can affect personal belongings. Climate control is only available when the unit entrance is from an indoor access point. These facilities keep a set temperature and humidity level throughout the building. Accessing the unit will not change its interior temperature or expose the property to rain or snow. Any moisture tracked into an outside unit or blown in when a door is open can lead to mold problems.

Free of Pests

Doors that open to the exterior always leave the property at risk of insect and rodent infestations. The users of the units may have their doors open for hours at a time as they drop off or pick up their property. Even regular outdoor pest treatments may not be enough to deal with this level of exposure. Indoor facilities a have cleaner, more reliable storage location because effective pest prevention is available.

Secure Against Criminals

With an exterior entrance to a Storage Unit in CT, customers often only have a single lock to protect their property. Companies like Anthony Augliera Moving, Storage, & Theatrical Transfer have electronic keyed entries, motion lights, and security cameras inside and outside of their facility. The extra layers of protection keep property safe as well as the people that come to check on their property.

If items have enough value to spend money to store them, they should also be valuable enough to store safely. An inside storage facility meets any industry recommendations for how to protect belongings in a long-term storage unit. Click here, to see the photos and to learn more about how this is the safest choice for everyone.