Choosing A High-Quality, Reputable Auto Transport Service

An auto transport service is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to manage the challenges of trying to move vehicles across the state or around the country. However, there are both good and bad companies providing vehicle transport services. Taking the time to ensure you are choosing a reputable, reliable service will be an important first step.

Signs that Can Indicate a Fraudulent Company

Auto transport services in Philadelphia PA asking for a payment in cash or using a wire transfer service instead of a credit card or check are often a sign that the company is not legitimate. When payment is sent through a transfer service, it is virtually impossible to recover, whereas with a credit card it can be easily refunded or a chargeback completed by the credit card company.

Another telltale sign that a transport company is not legitimate and professional is when their website is littered with many spelling and grammatical mistakes. An occasional mistake on a site is one thing, but when there are a number of errors on the same web page and many pages throughout it, the chances are good the company is not a legitimate, insured and licensed auto transport service.

Calling the company and getting a voicemail during business hours or always getting the same person is also a potential sign of a problem with the service.

Other Factors to Consider

All vehicle shipping companies must have a valid Motor Carrier Number. Legitimate companies will present this to customers either online and/or through representatives in person or on the phone. Fake companies will either use an expired number, or they will use excuses or reasons to not give out the number.

The Top companies will have insurance options available. Your private vehicle insurance may also offer some coverage, but it is always a good idea to verify all insurance issues in advance of the trip.

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