Tips for Choosing the Best Freight Companies in Oahu

Business owners know that the process of filling customer orders is not over until the goods are delivered. To that end, it pays to compare different Freight Companies in Oahu and determine which one will provide the level of service required. Here are some factors to consider closely before scheduling an outbound shipment.

Domestic or International Shipment?

One of the first points to consider is whether the shipment to the customer is domestic or international. International shipments will require careful attention to tariffs, planning the range of ports where the shipment will stop along the way, and even making sure that the documents prepared in advance are in line with the standards of the customs office at the receiving port. In order to avoid delays, it pays to work with one of the Freight Companies in Oahu that has extensive experience with handling international shipments. You can visit here for more information.

Interlining with Other Carriers

Depending on the destination for the shipment, there may be the need to interline with other carriers. Many freight companies have partner agreements in place with a range of carriers that offer delivery to areas not covered by the freight hauler. For example, the company may ensure the goods are transported to a location that is near the customer and then transfers the goods to a carrier who delivers directly to that area. Knowing how many carriers will ultimately handle the goods is always a wise move.

Pricing Matters

As with any type of business service, the goal is to lock in the lowest rates without compromising the quality. When talking with a freight company professional, find out what it would take to lock in the best price. Some will offer discounts when the order will fills a container or trailer completely. Others may be willing to offer volume discounts based on the number of shipments the client will have over the next year.

For any business owner who wants reliable transport for customer orders, contact the team at Landmark Logistics Corporation today. After learning more about the areas covered directly and what options are available to successfully complete deliveries, it will be easy to make the right decision.

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