Customized Storage Containers: Part of a Growing Trend in Mobile Solutions

If it seems that long metal containers which look a lot like trailers seem to be everywhere, there is a good reason. The very adaptable units are versions of the steel shipping containers that carry cargo across oceans and on the backs of trucks. Businesses like MODS of N.Y. have harnessed their strength and durability and are using them as portable storage units. Although anyone can rent or buy one, commercial customers are the biggest users of standard and Customized storage containers.

Mobile Units Are Ideal for Growing Businesses

Businesses that provide mobile storage also transport and set them up for clients. That means that commercial customers can pretty much place the units anywhere there is space. Although owners have to abide by local regulations, the temporary vessels do not usually require the kind of paperwork and permits that permanent storage does. As a result, many growing companies now use mobile containers to solve temporary problems. Containers can hold inventory, extra supplies or even furniture during renovations. Some clients order refrigerated units when they need a safe way to store perishables.

Providers Alter Units For Customers’ Needs

Although clients who need simple storage often order empty containers as is, many others have theirs altered. Providers make it easy for clients to contact experts online, at sites like They will provide free estimates for Customized storage containers. Technicians can quickly alter mobile units by adding features like roll-up doors, partitions, lock boxes and extra ventilation. Clients have the option to lease or buy containers and providers will move those that are customer owned.

Portable Units Offer Security

In addition to being convenient, mobile storage containers are exceptionally rugged. They are made from corrosion-resistant steel and include double doors with locking bars. They are weather resistant, include anti-theft padlocks and are designed to be vandal proof. Interiors also include sturdy marine ply flooring. Despite their mobility, empty trailers weigh as much as 4 tons, so there is little danger that they will be moved without their owners’ knowledge.

Mobile storage units are steel containers that can be moved anywhere clients need them. They are well made, exceptionally secure and can be modified to suit users’ needs.

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