Understanding the Benefits of the Intermodal Transportation System

If you have any business that involves shipping freight, you’ll likely hear about intermodal transportation. This involves two different methods of shipping freight: rail and truck. Containers are also frequently used to house the freight while it is in transport. Although intermodal transportation is not new, there are many benefits to using this type of freight system. Find out more about the process of intermodal shipping.

Why You Might Choose Intermodal Transportation

There are a few good reasons why you would choose this method over others. First, it is a good fit for freight that will require a long haul. Yet, it is best suited for freight that will arrive within 300 miles of a metropolitan area. It is also ideal for dry shipments. However, it is also possible to ship goods in refrigerated containers. Check with intermodal transportation companies in Chicago to see what is available.

How You Can Benefit from Intermodal Transportation

There are many reasons why intermodal transportation is advantageous. This form of transportation is very cost-efficient. This is mainly because transportation by train does not consume a lot of fuel. Due to this, intermodal transportation is a lot safer for the environment.

Intermodal shipments can also be sent almost anywhere in North America. Railways stretch from one coast to the other. All of the interconnecting railroads make it possible to get freight almost anywhere. This provides you with almost unlimited opportunities.

Lastly, intermodal transportation is a lot cheaper. You will not be charged huge amounts for loading anything less than a full truckload. This makes it easy to send truckloads of any size whenever you need to.

Summing Up the Benefits

As you can see, using intermodal transportation companies in Chicago can be a good choice. To make the most of it, be sure to package your shipment well and add bracing. You will also need to work with a professional shipping company to make the process as smooth as possible.

For help with intermodal shipping in the Chicago area, contact Larry’s Cartage for more information.

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