The Importance Of Climate-Controlled Storage For Certain Belongings

Some items to be placed in Mini Storage need a climate-controlled area for protection. Fortunately, a facility such as U-Stor Self-Storage has units like this so customers can feel assured their belongings are safe. Wichita’s location means it experiences some very hot days in the summertime, and it’s also considered a humid region. In many cases, high humidity is more of a problem for certain materials than temperature extremes are. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider that temperatures can dip below freezing in this region during the winter, and may stay there for several days. What types of possessions are best kept in a unit that won’t get excessively hot, cold or humid?

Wood Items

Musical instruments constructed from wood can become damaged over time in high humidity. Pianos, guitars, and cellos are some examples. Wood furniture also needs protection from high humidity. In addition, wood contracts and expands during extreme temperature fluctuations. Humidity and extreme temperatures can cause the material can warp and crack, and glued areas may come apart.

Leather Items

Leather is susceptible to mildew if stored in an excessively humid area. It also can become discolored. Climate-controlled Mini Storage is important for leather coats and other clothing, shoes and furniture.

Electronics and Related Items

Climate-controlled units are important for sensitive electronic equipment that can become damaged in high humidity or in temperatures that drop below freezing. Computers, flat-screen TV sets, and cameras are examples. In addition, media that is used inside electronic equipment should be protected. Camera cards and film, videotapes and other recording tapes can deteriorate in the wrong conditions.


There’s a good reason why people who specialize in collecting fine wine prefer to have a wine cellar. This area keeps the temperature steady, which is essential for preserving the quality of these beverages. Storing wine in places with fluctuating temperatures and in high heat will ruin the flavor. Whether or not exceptionally cold temperatures change the flavor is a matter of debate, but if the wine is expensive, it’s best not to risk it. Visit the website Website Url  for more information on climate-controlled storage units. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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