Things to Keep in Mind When Opting for a Car Rental

If you want fast, convenient and stress-free travel the minute your plane touches down, then get a car rental. But renting a car hire service in San Jose also comes with a few challenges. Read on to know what these are so you’ll have a better idea on how to deal with them on your upcoming trip:

Plastic isn’t king

You might want to bring along a lot of cash since many rental companies don’t accept plastic. You could also spare yourself the effort of reaching out to companies that don’t accept plastic by doing your research. Knowing what companies accept plastic and not can help you choose a car rental company that’s a much better fit for your needs.

You’ll need to pay for airport taxes

Getting an airport car hire service in San Jose is the height of convenience. Returning it isn’t going to make you late for your flight. It’s also much easier to turn it over instead of having to swing by the rental company to return the car and trying to catch a cab from there to the airport. However, you’ll need to prepare for the additional fees. In San Jose, for instance, you’ll get as much as 13 percent of tax added to your rental costs.

Pick the right car

First time to drive in San Jose? Then go for a car you can handle, says Solid Car Rental. So even if you don’t know the roads, your easy familiarity with the car ensures you won’t get into an accident. That way, you won’t have to figure out the right directions all while doing your best to learn how to drive that particular make or model.

Go for a 4wd

Renting a 4wd makes it easy for you to go on adventures off the beaten path. Whether you want to get to the beach or the edge of the forest, a 4wd from a reliable rental company will get you there.

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