Preparing Fragile China Plates For A Tulsa Moving Company To Put In Their Truck

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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When someone decides to move to a new location, there will be a need to package belongings so they are protected while in transit. Fragile items will need to be given special care when getting ready for the move as they are more prone to breaking. Here are some tips one can use when packaging fragile china plates so they remains intact during a move.

Use The Right Enclosure

China plates should be packaged in a sturdy corrugated box. Using a new box is best as a preused one may have portions where the structure is weakened. This would not offer adequate protection. Alternately, a plastic storage tub can be used. These allow the user to secure the lid to the top, keeping the plates safely inside a container that is difficult to crush.

Protect The China With Bubble-wrap

Each piece of china should be protected individually. First, each china plate should be wrapped with a piece of newsprint. This will help keep them from getting scraped against other pieces in the enclosure. Each news-wrapped piece should then be wrapped inside a piece of bubble-wrap. The wrap should be secured with heavy duty packing tape.

Stack The Pieces And Add Cushioning

When all pieces are wrapped, it will be time to stack them in the container selected. Add several packing peanuts to the bottom of the enclosure before placing the first piece of china inside. Add a piece of cardboard and place another bubble-wrapped plate on top of the cardboard. Continue in this manner until all pieces are in the enclosure. Place additional packing peanuts in the enclosure to fill in any voids present, as well as on top of the pieces that were stacked.

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