The Steps Taken for Custom Crating in Dallas

When it comes to shipping many items in a single unit or when shipping a large item, such as a piece of machinery or a motorcycle, a custom pallet and crate will be essential. Most people don’t give this much thought, but it’s important to ensure the safe arrival of the items being shipped.

The Foundation

Custom crating in Austin will begin with a base, and this will often require a custom pallet. Shipping pallets are fairly easy to find, but not just any pallet will do. Some pallets will need to be a specific size. In these instances, a custom pallet will need to be built.

In addition, with the weight of some items, a custom pallet is the only way to ensure it will be able to properly support the item or items being shipped. Lastly, a custom pallet will offer multiple points where the goods being shipped can be properly secured to avoid damage during the shipping process.

The Crate

Once the pallet issues have been considered, crating is the next step. As beneficial as a custom pallet is to offer a good foundation, the actual crate is important to protect the items being shipped.

A custom crate will be made from strong wood and will include insulation and interior padding if the items need the extra protection. If a shipping route is going to be rough, which happens very frequently, especially when planes are involved, proper crating will ensure everything arrives safely.


In addition to all of this, custom crating in Austin can also help a shipper by providing all the accompanying documentation that will be needed to get the crate where it’s going. Domestic shipping won’t be a huge issue, but international shipping may have to go through multiple shipping carriers as well as customs. Having the right documentation will prevent the crate getting held up in a foreign country’s customs department.

Whether it’s custom pallets, custom crates, or the logistical help to get your crate to its final destination smoothly, a service like Crate Master Dallas is invaluable. If you have need of specialized shipping pallets or containers, this is a resource to seriously consider.

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