Changing Addresses? 5 Questions to Ask Moving Firms

Changing addresses doesn’t mean dealing with a load of tiresome details. Here are handy tips for an easier moving day:

Pick pros

Don’t try to DIY your way through this. Save your sanity and hire a moving service instead. And in case you end up needing a bit of self-storage in Northridge CA, make sure you look for a company that offers those services as well.

Pack your essentials

After a long and tiring day dealing with movers, you’ll probably be too tired to unpack everything. Put all your essentials into one bag so you’ll have easy access to what you need, says BuzzFeed.

Wrap breakables in clothing

This is an easy way to save on bubble-wrap and space. You’re not just packing away your glassware, you’re also putting away your clothing. If you want a bit of extra padding, use clean socks to pack your glasses.

Label them right

Don’t just put ‘glassware, fragile’ onto your boxes. Make sure to label them right by putting in the room these boxes are meant for. That’s going to save you time and trouble later in the day. Movers will only need to check the label to know where to put the boxes instead of going over to you every time, asking where you’d want them to put this or that.

Use sandwich bags

If you’re taking your TVs and curtain rods apart, it can be quite easy to lose the small items like screws. Put them in sandwich bags so these won’t get lost in the chaos and madness of moving day.

Use the storage

If there are last-minute fixes, repairs or remodeling that need to be done before you move into your new home, hire a moving firm with services for self-storage in Northridge CA. That way, you can have your furniture delivered when everything’s ready.

With these tips, you’ll find it easier to survive moving day.

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