Keeping Wooden Pieces Safe In A Furniture Storage Facility in Waikele

When there is a need to place furnishings in a Furniture Storage Facility in Waikele, there is likely to be some concern about their well-being. Long-term storage of wooden furniture will require some preparations to ensure pieces remain free of rot, mildew, and moisture damage. Here are some steps that can be taken to keep wooden furniture protected against potential damage while in a storage facility.

Make Sure Moisture Is Not Already Present

If furniture is placed inside of a storage unit when it is already in a wet condition, the chance of severe damage to the pieces will increase. It is best to take the time to remove any remnants of moisture on furniture pieces before they are to be stored. This can be accomplished by keeping pieces in a heated area for several hours to dry them if necessary. Wiping down pieces with a piece of cloth will ensure moisture does not make its way into a unit as well.

Rent The Right Space For Furniture Storage

A storage facility that offers climate control will aid in keeping furniture well-protected. The temperature can be adjusted to make the atmosphere inside of a unit less humid, helping to keep moisture level at a minimum. Making sure a storage unit offers an ample seal against outside conditions is also best. This can be obtained by checking the door to make sure there are no gaps present that could allow for air to make its way to the inside.

Cover And Raise Pieces To Aid In Keeping Them Dry

Placing pallets inside of a storage unit to raise wooden pieces of furniture away from the floor can be beneficial in keeping pieces from sitting in moisture. Often condensation will occur if warm air meets a cooler cement floor. This could leave furniture to settle in water. Placing furniture in protective cloth furniture bags can also help to keep moisture at bay. It is best to avoid plastic, as this can trap moisture directly against wood, making furniture more prone to damage.

When there is a need to use a reputable Furniture Storage Facility in Waikele, finding one with competitive pricing is a plus. Schedule an appointment today to find out more.

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