Smart Tips To Follow Before The Arrival Of Local Movers In Wheaton, IL

Moving into a new home is exciting, but there are many things you’ll need to do before the day of the move. To make sure that your move goes smoothly, read the tips below to learn what you need to do before the arrival of the Local Movers in Wheaton IL.

•   As you pack up the items in each room, store the boxes along one wall. You don’t want them in the middle of the floor or blocking the doorway as the movers carry your belongings outside to the moving truck.

•   Hire a sitter for your children and pets or take them to the home of a friend or family member on the day of the move. You may be too busy with last minute details, and kids and animals don’t need to be in the way when the movers are carrying heavy furniture and boxes.

•   Before the moving company arrives at your new house with your furniture and belongings, clean your new house from top to bottom. It’s much easier and less work to have the house clean before the movers place your furniture and boxes inside the house. When you first move in, you’ll want to spend your time unpacking instead of cleaning. In the weeks before the move, contact the utility company that services your new home and make arrangements to have the utilities turned on before you clean the house.

•   Place a label on each box or a color coded sticker that signifies which room it belongs. This will make it easy for the Local Movers in Wheaton IL, to place each box in its appropriate room and easier for you when unpacking.

•   Before moving day, make a diagram of your new home and write down where you’re going to put every piece of furniture. When you know this information ahead of time, the movers can place the furniture where it belongs as soon as they bring it into the house.

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