There Are Different Types of Tow Trucks

The best local towing company in Joliet IL will have several different types of tow trucks. Tow Trucks Joliet IL are special utility vehicles that are designed to move a vehicle that has failed due to mechanical problems or vehicles that have been involved in an accident and cannot travel under their own power. The majority of tow trucks are owned and operated by private local companies whose business is to remove vehicles off the public roads, pull vehicles out a ditch and any other similar situation. Although the majority of tow trucks are owned by independent companies there are some government agencies that patrol the nation’s highways and expressways as well as companies with large fleets of vehicles that own and operate their own.

There are three basic types of tow trucks that a local towing company in Joliet IL can be expected to have. One is “hook and chain” another is wheel lift and the third is flat bed; they all have their specific uses and purposes. Hook and chain trucks, also known as “sling types” are still in use but are not as popular as they once were. This type of tow truck works simply by wrapping a tow chain around the axle of the vehicle, this can easily damage the undercarriage of the vehicle as well as damage the body work and paint. A hook and chain truck is often seen removing vehicles that have been involved in an accident or towing vehicles that have heavy steel bumpers such as trucks.

American Bulldog Towing & Recovery find that the wheel lift tow truck is effective for most towing jobs. Although there are similarities to a hook and chain truck, a wheel lift truck uses a yoke instead of a chain. The yoke is placed in front of either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle, using an on-board hydraulic power lift these front or the rear of the vehicle is lifted off the road surface.

The third type of tow truck used by American Bulldog Towing & Recovery is a flat bed truck, often called a “rollback.” These vehicles have a large flat bed, using hydraulic power this bed can be manipulated and lowered so that it forms a ramp. The car or light truck to be removed is either driven on the ramp under its own power or pulled on with a winch. Once the vehicle is aboard, the bed lowers to haul the vehicle. Flat bed tow trucks are preferred as they put no undue strain on the vehicle being towed.

American Bulldog Towing & Recovery is the best local towing company in Joliet IL. With different tow trucks for different situations you can always rely on getting the best when you trust your vehicle to American Bulldog Towing & Recovery.

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