Services Provided By Long Distance Movers In Connecticut

by | May 17, 2018 | Moving Companies

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In Connecticut, residents and companies require fast moving and transport services. The opportunities eliminate the unnecessary stress associated with transporting items to a new destination. The services include crating and packing options for commercial and residential customers. Local Long Distance Movers in Connecticut manage the transport and packing requirements for all customers quickly.

Crating for Large-Scale Theatrical Sets

The movers provide custom crating services for large-scale theatrical sets and props. The transport is set up according to the next location of the show, and all moving preparations are managed by the moving crew. The service providers also offer storage for the sets and props based on the starting date of the next season.

Moving Opportunities for Automobiles

Automobiles are also custom crated on-site. The service provider builds the crates to fit snugly around the automobile without causing damage. It is a more secure option for transporting the vehicles and provides heightened security. The transport service seals off the crate after the automobile is loaded onto the transport vehicle.

Transport Throughout the Continental U.S.

The moving service offers transports throughout the continental U.S. The transports are set up ahead of time to meet the customer’s deadlines. The transport providers offer a designated date in which the items are picked up and delivered. All fees associated with the long-distance move are shown on the estimate when the customer requests the services. The estimate includes mileage and fuel requirements.

Full-Service Packing For All Properties

All additional items included in the transports are packed for the customer. The service provider offers all packing supplies in the long-distance transport package. The crew enters the property and completes the full-service packing services according to the schedule set up by the customer. All packages are labeled, and an invoice is included in all boxes and crates.

In Connecticut, residents and companies set up moving or transport services through local service providers. The services include custom crating options to fit large-scale items and keep them secure throughout the transport. The service providers also provide all necessary moving supplies for their customers and pack all items for them. Customers who need the services of Long Distance Movers in Connecticut can click here for more details. You can also visit them on Facebook.