Long Distance Movers Mission Hills

It’s not always easy to tell the bad bets from the good ones. If this is your first time to hire long distance movers in Mission Hills, here are a few tips to help you.

Know what other customers are saying

Before you take on a moving crew, make sure you check out feedback from other customers. Look at review sites. Does the company have a long list of complaints? That doesn’t leave you with a good impression. On the other hand, if the company has tons of positive feedback, that says you’re on the right hiring path.

Check the Better Business Bureau rating

Check the BBB site for the company’s rating. Poor ratings serve as warnings, as do the tons of complaints you may find on the site. That should warn you off so you can avoid falling for moving scams and rip-offs.

Get references

That’s a good way to start the selection process. Referrals often save you a lot of time and money, making it easier to find a moving crew that fits the bill.

Ask about the extras

Know what services are included in the standard rate. Then you can find out what services will cost you extra. Shuttle service fees, timing it on the weekend, and difficult moving conditions can all add up to your total bill and bloat up your moving expenses. Know what these are so you can avoid incurring extra charges, Bankrate says.

Pay attention to the red flags

Super-cheap quotes might sound too good to be true, which means they probably are. Don’t be taken in by rogue movers using lowball offers. Learn to recognize a bait-and-switch ruse so you won’t get caught in one.

Mind the details

Always read the fine print. Know what the contract says, chapter and verse. That way, you know if your mover is shortchanging you or not.

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