Moving Day Mini-Checklist

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Moving Services

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting thought. Before you roll out the rug in your new one, though, read through this checklist of things you need to know.

Confirm the arrangements

Call up the firm a month before moving day to confirm that everything is in place. If they have problems with your booking, a month should give the firm more than enough time to fix it.

Check the number

When you hire a company for moving services in Brooklyn, make sure you check the moving truck’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number. This should be the same number on the estimate the company gave you.

Stay on top of things

Designate someone to watch the moving crew put the belongings inside the truck. Are the movers careful? Do they know what they’re doing? Or are they careless? If they have little to no handling experience, put a stop to the work and call up the company to ask for another team. That or move on to other firms offering moving services in Brooklyn.

Keep your valuables with you

There’s no sense in borrowing trouble so make sure you load up your jewelry, laptop, passports and other important items into your car. That way, they won’t get lost.

Supervise the unloading

Check how the crew unloads the boxes. Again, are they careful? Be sure to check the boxes with your inventory to determine if anything’s missing. If a box has collapsed, opened or has been dented during transport, open it up and check for damaged or missing items.

Point out the areas

Point out where specific areas are so movers can put the boxes right where they belong. Label the boxes in advance too so you won’t have to keep telling your movers where they can put them, Real Simple says.