Comparing the Services Offered by Different Moving Companies in St. Paul

There are only three months to prepare for a move from the apartment to a brand new home. With construction slated to be finished soon, now is the time to find out what the local Moving Companies in St. Paul have to offer. Here are some of the services that the client will find especially helpful.

Plenty of Boxes and Packing Supplies

There’s a lot of packing to do and not a lot of free time to manage the task. Spending more time running all over town in search of boxes that are the right size and sturdy enough for the job won’t get the packing done. Many of the local Moving Companies in St. Paul offers a full line of packing boxes and materials. All the client has to do is decide how many boxes are needed, the sizes required, and what sort of filler and tape are needed to seal the boxes. Everything can be picked up and one time, and the packing can get underway.

Help With the Packing

If there are some things that the client is not sure how to pack properly, a team can come in and take care of those tasks. For example, packing fine china so that it will not shift during the move does take some experience. If there are other fragile items in the home, allowing a professional to pack those in addition to the china is a smart move.

Storing the Packed Boxes

Unfortunately, weather interfered with the completion of the home, and it will take a couple more weeks than planned. In the interim, the client needs to vacate the apartment. There’s a good chance that the moving company can provide temporary storage. Once the house is ready, all the boxes and furniture are removed from storage and delivered to the newly-finished house.

For anyone who needs to start planning a move now, contact the team at Action Moving Services Inc. today. It will not take long to settle on the type of support needed to prepare for the move, come up with a date for the actual move, and even get some help placing the larger pieces at the new place.

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