Examples of Items That Local Movers in New York NY Generally Do Not Transport

by | May 2, 2016 | Moving and Relocating

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Local movers in New York NY are eager to help with residential moving, whether the move involves belongings from a relatively small apartment, a moderate-sized home, or a large condo. Before hiring a company, the people who will be moving must learn which items movers prohibit from their vans and trucks, so nobody is caught off guard at the last minute. The moving company will provide a list of these items on request, but it’s helpful to learn beforehand the things movers generally will not transport. Sometimes, this is because of state laws and, at other times, it’s for safety and liability reasons.

Long-distance movers won’t transport live plants or perishable food items, but local movers in New York NY may do so if the trip is a relatively short one and the items are packed properly. Moving from one side of the city to the other may not be problematic for plants or for food packed in coolers with ice. However, it’s generally advisable to use up the food before making the move and to transport plants in a personal vehicle if possible.

Possessions that are explosive or otherwise potentially hazardous are not allowed. This encompasses a broad range of items. Some things that may have been stored in a garage or shed should be disposed of properly rather than moved unless the owner has a safe way to transport them. Some things could be brought in a vehicle trunk or in the back of a pickup trunk, for example. Examples include fertilizer, vehicle antifreeze, motor oil, propane tanks, and herbicide.

Some household products that also should be disposed of properly instead of being moved include lighter fluid, ammonia, and fire extinguishers unless they can be carried safely in a passenger vehicle. Moving companies will not transport loaded firearms or ammunition. Unloaded guns may be acceptable.

Each moving organization is different, so it’s advisable to learn the specifics before choosing a service. A company such as Big Johns Moving Inc can answer questions about any items the customers aren’t sure about. They can explain why moving companies don’t transport certain items if the reasoning seems unclear.