Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe When Storing Them in Storage Units

People regularly use storage units when permanently moving from one locale to another, when downsizing their residences, and when they simply don’t have enough room to store all of their stuff. One bad thing about storage units is that, even when they’re advertised as being able to keep your belongings away from the climate and pests, this isn’t always the case. Here are a few ways to keep Mother Nature from interfering with the items in your storage units in Chicago.

Stay Away From Cardboard

Cardboard is known to provide a favorable environment for cockroaches and spiders to live in, as well as a solid source of food for other insects – including cockroaches. Spiders like cardboard because it provides a cool, dark place to live. Cockroaches can eat anything they can manage to chew, and cardboard is often one of the most abundant sources of food for them and other insects in storage units in Chicago. Rather than using cardboard, opt for plastic boxes and bins.

Don’t Store Items Near Overgrown Units

Most storage unit complexes have landscaping and hardscaping to attract customers. If you find that a unit is too close to trees, shrubs, or other plants, you should find a new one. Consider finding a new complex that contains its flora better.

Vacuum-Seal Clothes, Fabrics, and Textiles

As long as you have a vacuum, you’ll be able to purchase cheap storage bags in which you can fit tons of textiles – clothes and bedsheets, for example – in a tiny space. All you need to do is suck the air out of such bags. Make sure they are thick so they don’t risk breaking as a result of aging or due to being mishandled.

We’ll make sure to put your items in well-maintained storage facilities’ units at Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc.

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