A Simple Checklist for Moving Offices

Preparing for moving a business or office can be a lot more complicated and stressful than moving a household. There are dozens of things that need to be done in preparation of the move and forgetting any of them can be a huge problem when moving day comes. In this article, we’ll offer a checklist of items to that need done so you can be sure you’re ready your office movers in Los Angeles show up.

Determine a Schedule

You need a time frame before anything else. Have a date for when everything has to be out of the office, which will be your move out date. Moving might take a few days, depending on what you have to move. Make a list of everything that must be done before that date comes.

Assign Tasks

If you need a moving committee, that should come next. Whether you choose to utilize one or not, you next need to determine tasks and assign them to your employees. You’ll likely keep adding to this list as time goes on, which also need to be assigned. There’s no way to do it all on your own.

Communication Plan

A communication plan lets employees stay informed of the moving plans and can keep your suppliers and clients aware of business activities during the move. This can help keep you from pausing business for any longer than needed.

Hire Movers

Choose a moving company and determine if you want to hire professional packers, as well. If that isn’t in the budget, employees can help pack up their desks or offices. Other staff can handle the common areas and more challenging areas to pack.

Create Office Layout

When you move into a new location, knowing where everything will go is crucial to getting back to normal operation. Have a plan that details where things will go and which areas employees will sit in. You can’t be too detailed here.

Talk to Vendors

If you need to change service providers, make sure you do that early. You’ll also want to consider what new infrastructure you may need. Talk to your vendors and new landlord to ensure everything is ready to go as soon as you get moved.

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