Why More Consumers Choose Climate Controlled Storage Services In Estero FL

Whether a family is moving or attempting to declutter their home, a storage unit is an invaluable resource as it makes it easy to keep their possessions safe until they are needed again in the future. While a standard climate controlled unit is a viable option, more and more consumers are choosing to opt for climate controlled storage services in Estero FL. Though there is an increased expense, many individuals find that the peace of mind it offers far outweighs the cost.

Reduced Humidity and Moisture

The presence of moisture is one of the biggest threats to furniture that is stored, and when combined with excessive temperature changes the propensity for damage only increases. Storage units that are heated and cooled will subject furniture to less moisture and maintain a constant temperature that will help to prevent warping and other damage to veneer and wood finishes. Some storage companies also utilize a central dehumidifier to help draw out the maximum amount of moisture and maintain a healthy environment.

Inside Access

Most storage facilities offer controlled access, but even with those precautions there is still a chance that would be intruders will gain access and cut the locks used to protect exterior units. Internal units offer an additional layer of protection, as a person must be given access to the facility grounds and obtain access to the interior building. It also allows a person to sort through their unit without having to brave the elements.

Pest and Critter-Free Area

Another benefit of Climate Controlled Storage Services in Estero FL is that there will be fewer issues with bugs and other pests. In fact, a majority of storage companies have pest control services performed on a regular basis to help keep critters at bay. Keep any belongings free of mice, spiders, and other insects by choosing a unit that is heated and cooled.

Make selecting a storage facility as easy and stress-free as possible. The team at Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. offers a vast selection of storage options, including premium climate controlled units. Call today to learn more and reserve a unit without delay.

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