Storage and Shipping of Pallet in San Antonio

Pallets are used as a common way to transport large items. Pallets are used as bases for transporting and handling products as unit loads. They are used as a base for storing items and lifted on shelves or into trucks with a forklift. Pallets are made in different sizes depending on the size of item needing to be transported, or stored. A pallet in San Antonio can be found at Crate Master Dallas.


Pallets are mostly made out of wood, by nailing pieces of wood together making a strong and durable shipping unit. The top surface is called the deck. The deck is made up of deck boards, or slats, and the distance between the boards is known as deck spacing. Deck spacing is an important part of the making of the pallet to ensure the safety of the load. If the deck-boards is not of the correct thickness, or not correctly spaced apart, the pallet may not be strong enough to hold the load it is to be storing or transporting. Some pallets may be made with wide deck space for a light load, while other pallets are made with no space between the slats to give a firm, solid foundation for a heavy load.


Pallets have gained popularity in the shipping world. Shipping with pallets has many advantages to make it easy and efficient to transport products. Efficiency is an advantage to pallet shipping since most pallets are light in weight and don’t require much space for storage. Pallets can hold a lot of goods at one time, and they do not occupy much space, especially in a warehouse where space is limited. Pallets are a great thing to have.


Pallets used for shipping are most commonly recycled. Recycling pallets cut down on cost that is associated with purchasing new pallets. Pallet shipping has gained popularity in the shipping industry due to it is the most effective way to ensure the safety of goods while consuming very little space. Pallets in San Antonio are available at Crate Master Dallas for shipping or storing needs.

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