Securing Items You Don’t Need in Titusville Storage Facilities

Using a storage unit to secure your belongings for a short time might seem difficult because of the small space, but with the right organization, you can stack a number of boxes and pieces of furniture safely in the unit. Before renting the unit, you need to ensure that the facility offers safety features and that you have a lock on your unit. These are a few details to remember if you need to use one of the storage units in Titusville Florida.

Clean Floors

Try to use items to keep your belongings off the floor. Pallets are often the best option because they can elevate everything from boxes to furniture. If you don’t have access to pallets, then you can use tarps or large pieces of plastic. You want to create a moisture barrier so that any levels of humidity won’t impact the items that are stored and to keep dirt and debris from transferring from the floor to your belongings.

Lock the Door

Make sure you use a secure lock so that no one can break into your unit. Most storage units in Titusville Florida offer locks that you can use, but you can provide your own as well if you want additional protection.

Leave a Path

When you pack items in the unit, make sure you leave a path so that you can easily reach what you need if you don’t plan on removing everything at one time. You also want to label all of your boxes to make it easier to find what’s inside of them while walking in your unit.

Contact SecureSpace Self Storage for more tips about using a unit to store your belongings.

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