Why We Need Heavy Duty and Parkway Towing Recovery

Vehicles break down, often in the most inconvenient of places and at the most terrible of times. That’s why towing services have become a fact of life. Parkway towing recovery services are also a fact of life, and fundamentally different from other types of towing and recovery services. Anyone with a motor vehicle knows that they need access to safe, effective, and reliable towing and recovery services like those offered by B&L towing in New Jersey.

What sets B&L towing apart from other parkway towing recovery services in the state of New Jersey is mainly that the company specializes in doing what most other companies cannot do: heavy duty recovery and parkway towing recovery. Truck repair, trailer repair, tractor repair, and other highly specialized parkway towing recovery services are available from only a few providers, and B&L happens to be one of them. As a trucker who has experienced numerous collisions and breakdowns, I can testify as to the importance of having an experienced and reliable parkway towing recovery service specializing in larger vehicles and equipment. Have you ever called a towing service only to find out that they lack the ability to tow an RV, a wide-body truck, or a vehicle with a trailer? It is frustrating enough to be stalled and broken down on the side of the road in the middle of the night; you need to have someone you can count on, who shows up with the exact right equipment needed to tow a major vehicle like a commercial truck or a trailer. B&L happens to be one of the only heavy duty recovery and repair provider, and one of the only parkway towing recovery businesses specializing in trucks and heavy equipment.

In New Jersey, we have all types of vehicles on the roads, from farming equipment to commercial trucks to trucks trailing boats. Residents of New Jersey and commercial trucking companies alike need to have B&L locked into speed dial for when those unfortunate events happen—and they do! Bad weather or bad luck might dampen the day but with a parkway towing recovery service like B&L, you no longer need to worry.

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