5 Things to Store in Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Lubbock TX

When it’s time to rent a storage unit, there’s more to think of than the outside temperature. It’s important to think of humidity and moisture as well. While most storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units in Lubbock TX at a slightly higher rate, protecting valuables from the heat, cold, and humidity is worth the cost. Here, potential customers can learn what to store in a climate-controlled unit.


Technology evolves rapidly, and customers should remember that when storing these items. Vintage electronics are highly collectible, and keeping them out of the elements is important. Remove batteries, label boxes, and use padding to protect delicate items. Climate-controlled storage units can keep electronics from being damaged by heat, cold, and humidity.

Baby and Children’s Items

Saving things such as children’s clothes, toys, and nursery items can help give friends and family members a head start when the time is right. Disinfect everything before storing it in plastic bins that are clearly labeled. Most toys can become damaged when exposed to temperature fluctuations, but a climate-controlled storage unit can keep them safe until it’s time to use them.

Wooden Furniture

Wood contracts and expands as the surrounding humidity and temperature rise and fall, which is why climate-controlled storage is a good option. Wipe down painted furniture and wax pieces that have been stained and oiled. Wrap furniture in blankets and leave enough room between pieces so air can circulate.


While the perfect way to store wine is a source of debate, putting bottles in a dark, undisturbed place with a constant temperature is usually enough to keep it ready to drink. Talk to the facility manager about climate-controlled storage units in Lubbock TX before storing a wine collection.

Family Photos and Artwork

When it’s time to store the family’s treasured possessions, photos and art are often at the top of the list. These items must be protected from heat, humidity, and UV exposure, and putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit can provide a temporary fix until the family can transfer the photos to a digital repository.

These are just some of the things that can safely be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. For more information or to rent a unit, call Business Name today.

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